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On April 22, people all over the world celebrate Earth Day. We have included this celebration in our healthyliving wiki because we consider it a very important environmental issue. Let's do some tasks to learn as much as possible about this celebration.


SPEAKING: Describe the first picture on top of the page. What relationship does it have with Earth Day? How do people in Spain celebrate Earth Day?

WRITING: Is Earth Day important to you? What do your classmates think about this topic? Are you worried about environment? Write an essay of about 100 words on this subject.


READING and LISTENING :Click on the picture on the top right-hand corner and read and listen to a caouple of articles about nature. They all point to both nature's fragility and great strngth and power. Summarise the article which you like the most and share it with the rest of your classmates.


Mention five things you can do to start saving the planet. Then, ask a couple of classmates what they can do. Do all of you agree? You can get ideas by cliking on the first row of pictures on top of this page.


Watch one ot the two youtube videos and summarize it in no more than half a page. Save it as a word document . Add some pictures so that it looks more colourful.


What do these three cartoons mean? Search for more cartoons on the same topic visiting this link

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